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Men are getting screwed when it comes to healthcare increases while women are not. Ironically, women are going to be getting a larger share of free healthcare services and it seems that men are the ones who are going to be paying for it.

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    It’s about time tbh
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    Yes, the fact that men receive any health care at all is proof that womyn are oppressed. How dare strong, independent,...
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    I understand biology plays a big role in our payments, but you’re saying that men have to finance you. That is...
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    To be fair it’s mostly because women actually go to the doctor more often, not because we actually require that much...
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    Wow do you even know how much it COST to maintain health as a women? Or even a man? Your point is invalid, because...
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    Some context, ACA is the Affordable Care Act, or ‘Obamacare’. Insurance providers are no longer allowed to discriminate...
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    But there’s still a war on women’s health somehow.
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    It is the flat rate. And you are right, there are different costs for each gender. Women cost far more than men do when...
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