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"The men just want to be included; they don’t want to be seen as the enemy."

Which is a major problem many MRAs have with feminism: Feminism treats men as the enemy and do not include them or men’s issues.

And to be fair, this is how these UN NGO’s operate. They use terminology like “peoples rights” or “human rights” to mask feminism, while breaking down the old culture. They use microfinance companies like Kiva to cause the break up of the family unit by primarily lending to women in order to “empower” them. This ends up weakening men/marriages and causes divorce. And these NGO’s have studied this issue and know that this happens each and every time, and yet they persist. Then the woman and their children look to the state as the father figure, provider, and teacher.

These NGO’s are against traditional culture and ways of living and want to push the westernization of “backwards traditional” cultures in order to standardize the culture around the globe before the unification of all nations.

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    That is the single most beautiful sentence I’ve ever seen a feminist, or at least what I assume is a feminist, write....
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    Are you serious about Kiva causing divorces…? Why…how?
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    "The men just want to be included; they don’t want to be seen as the enemy." Which is a major problem many MRAs have...
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    This reminds me of reading about NGOs who face backlash when using polarizing terms like “genital mutilation”, and the...
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