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Just before the summer, when most people are about to go away on holidays I receive a flier through the door from the local police. The flier gives a series of precautions I can take in order to reduce the chance I will be the victim of a burglary when I’m on holiday. It covers things like stopping my mail & papers, double checking the house is all locked up etc.

Where is the outrage that burglary victims are being blamed for being burglarized?

There is none. This is because the crime of burglary doesn’t invoke such strong emotions as the crime of rape. So people accept good anti burglary advice knowing people who get burglarized when they don’t secure their homes don’t deserve it, but at the same time could have done a better job of ensuring that they didn’t become victims.

The type of people who commit rape don’t care that women think they should be free to act as they please and not get raped. When this mentality puts some scantily glad girl in the path of such a person, they don’t think, “Wait! No! I won’t rape this girl, because women should be free to dress how they please”. They just rape her. 

And that’s the really insulting part. SlutWalk seems to think that it’s ‘normal men’ who rape women by completely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of rapes are done by those known to the victim and that very few rapists rape based on how “slutty” the victim looks. So all they need to do is have a protest and make normal men realize that women have rights too. Then the problem will go away and women will be able to dress like sluts without fear.

And to be honest?

It’s really a basic pragmatism vs. idealism situation. Pragmatically, what is the best way to prevent rape? It’s for “potential rape victims” to protect themselves. This will stop most rapes, and that’s a fact. Encouraging people to have some mace handy, avoid sketchy situations, even just saying “no” and yelling, etc. will help bring down the number of rapes. Ideally, we shouldn’t have to say things like this. Ideally we should be able to say “rapists cause rape” and that should be the end of it. But that doesn’t help anyone, and it won’t stop rapists. It’s just ideological masturbation, feminist ego stroking, victim complex thinking. You can talk about how “rape culture” and the way people view and talk about rape and woman is a problem, and maybe it is. But a bunch of abstract notions of oppression doesn’t change the fact that rape actually happens - it’s real, and real people fall victim to the hands of rapists every day.

Saying “rapists cause rape” won’t help anyone, saying “I have the right to dress like a slut” won’t help someone avoid getting roofied, or fight off their ex, or stop any would-be rapist. There’s no law being proposed that says women must dress a certain way, so what are they fighting against? Societal expectation? The only real, tangible good that fighting against societal/cultural expectations will do is change the things that people write and say (and that’s a stretch). It won’t stop rape, and it doesn’t help the (real or would-be) victims.

Personally, I think a lot of feminists just don’t care about rape victims. They’d much rather see women as a whole being a victim of the patriarchy and fight against that sort of abstract idea then deal with the reality of rape, which can be fought against with simple tips on how to protect yourself. Calling a person who advises caution a “victim blamer” is just a convenient way of avoiding the real issue and attacking people who actually want to see the number of rapes go down. Shifting the onus from women to men is 1. sexist and 2. worthless. It doesn’t help anyone. In this case, they’ve gone from blaming the rapists to blaming a whole gender. The feminists who do this could not care less about rape victims.

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