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Who would have guessed that outcome. All those years battling for the goddamned state and private entities to get men the same kind of support that women have in spades.

He had no help. He was put to the back of the line over and over again. He paid for the shelter out of his pocket and with meager donation money. Meanwhile, the fucking feminists pushed ahead of him in every case, shouting his cries for help down with their own misandrist bullshit.

He had to close up the shop a couple months ago because he could no longer afford it. After twenty fucking years of seeing battered men come through his home, after twenty fucking years of fighting a goddamned gynocentric, feminized, bullshit fucking misandrist system with no one else to turn to.

This is what happens when we throw men on the garbage heap. This is the result of 60 years of fucking feminism. This ONE man, in all of the goddamned county of Canada, was trying to do alone what a bunch of sniveling, shrieking, harpy feminists required MILLIONS of dollars worth of funds from the taxpayer.

A 20 year dream of helping men and boys overcome domestic violence situations, gone like that.

And all because MEN are obviously not worth a goddamned thing to the governments other than breeding stock, slave labor, and taxable resources, or to those who subscribe to an ideology of hatred, narcissism, bigotry, and lies (i.e. feminism).

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    I don’t entirely agree with oratorasaurus’ commentary but this is still horrible and sad. The ONLY battered men’s...
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