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Women lawyers earn less than men, and that has absolutely nothing to do with law firms hiring women and then paying them less than men. It has everything to do with the fact that to make a lot of money in law, you need to devote your life to your job. High-paid lawyers spend every hour of every day of their lives working, and it’s not easily compatible with family life. Women who want to have children - which is most women - tend to leave big-firm, big-money law firms after about five years, for less lucrative careers in the public sector, where the pay is less but the hours are better. So when, 10 years into a law class’s legal careers, the lawyers are surveyed by their schools, the women earn 70% of what the men are earning. That’s not because they’ve been discriminated against, it’s because they made career choices that valued family life over money. This nuance gets totally lost on feminist undergraduates, who are convinced that the male establishment plots against women and works to deny them equal pay.


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