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Seriously, ask me anything. I always respond. Other than that, I am what the blog shows: I fight for mens, womens, gays, trans rights for gender equality, I am a firearm supporter, have issues with authority, love my pit bulls, have issues with kettles refusing to notice the pots, and I am rather open about my geekier hobbies (minecraft, indie games, and pokemon anyone?).
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Have to show this, especially with all the girl gamers and sexist stereotypes talk that is going on. It sort of makes me want to get on kickstarter and see if I can get any money to produce videos talking about common tropes that are found in literature marketed specifically to women, such as romance novels and literotica.

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    lol I was sort of worried that the joke would have been lost to reading the whole link.
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    Male power fantasies… Right. The hulk is a male power fantasy. Super man, and other normalish heroes? Not really. More...
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